Outer Drive Hero Drivers Club annually presents the

Heroes' Hectic Holiday Hangover Hassle

Early History

And what is this you may ask. . .

Thanks to Dorothy Hansen, we have a copy of an original article from May, 1961 describing the 1/1/61 event

Over the years, the HHHHH has been numbered, and there is some variation in the numbering schemes. The notes that accompanied the few papers we received from 1956 indicate it was the second event, although there is no reference to the first event being an HHHHH, the New Year's Day Rally. The next oldest document we have found is an article from one of the national magazines at the time, describing the 1961 event as HHHHH VI, which would tend to indicate that the first event was the 1956. This appears to be the most definative means yet of telling when the event actually started. Our good friend, Dorothy Hansen, was an active ralliest with her late husband, Earl Hansen. She does not recall running any of the early events, although she did retain this 1961 article, which appeared in "The Rallye Route" written by early national ralliests Bill and JoAnne Carlisle.

Here is link to a detailed PDF file of the May 1961 Article.  Warning this is a high quality scan, and 24 MB in size.  This will take a while to download.

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