Outer Drive Hero Drivers Club annually presents the

Heroes' Hectic Holiday Hangover Hassle

Event Numbering

And what is this you may ask. . .

A good question came from Bob Ward, winner of the 2013 event, and producing the 2014 event.

As this years winner, we're working on the general instructions for the upcomming event. Just what number is it? The girls from last year thought theirs was 58 but they're not sure. Thanks Bob Ward

A valid question. Here is our response:

Such an easy question, but I'm sorry there isn't a perfectly clear answer. We checked carefully, and early records indicate the first HHHHH was the 1955 event. We do have a set of instructions from the 1956 event, labelled as ODHDC HHHHH #2. The 1965 rally was printed as ODHDC #10 (although it looks like it should have been 11) (That would have made ODHDC #1 in 1956, but it was obviously #2) ODHDC #42 was in 1998. (That would have meant that the first rally was in 1957, but we don't think that is accurate.)

I thought the girls were working on a rally that they thought was #57, but I would have thought it was #58 (as you seem to feel) and based on the idea that #1 was in 1955, THAT would indicate that 2014 will be the 60th. Ah, what a curious mess. Actually, the numbering is fairly meaningless, and we just think it ads to the character of the event. It does look like the second oldest, continually run rally in the US. (FWIW, likely also meaningless)

So the real answer is . . .


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