Outer Drive Hero Drivers Club annually presents the

Heroes' Happy Holiday Hangover Hassle each year on New Year's Day.

Many years (but not all) have had intructions, answers, sometimes even entry forms and flyers saved.

Click on the file folder for a specific year to see what is available. If you have any aditions, substractions, corrections, or comments, Please let us know by clicking here.

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Year Event Title Status of event Author
(missing) (author(s) unknown)
(noted as the second ODHDC) (partially missing) (author(s) unknown)
(missing) (author(s) unknown)
(missing) (author(s) unknown)
(missing) (author(s) unknown)
(missing) (author(s) unknown)
(missing - button has no event name) (author(s) unknown)
I Made Rallye History (missing) (the one ODHDC that was run on a bus) (author(s) unknown)
Concours de Garb-age" (missing)
Just Plain Bull (missing)
La Ville Vieux (printed as HHHHH 10) (author(s) unknown)
(missing) (author(s) unknown)
The Gold Rush (missing) (author(s) unknown)
S O B (missing) John Smiskol
Fantastique Warren Harder and Rich Carroll
"Precz ze Sciany" The Shiftiest Rally of Them All (partly missing) Rich Carroll and Paul Brian
Gotcha (missing) (author(s) unknown)
O'Leary Incident Glenn Grossklags, Vergin Hancher, Kenny Lester
(button has no event name) (missing) Rich Carroll, John Baily, Steve and Edris Hoover
Tricky Dick's Shaft Warren Harder and Mike Fernandez
Irresponsible Rich's Recycled Reck (partly missing) Rich Carroll and Paul Brian
Railroad John Smiskol
Happy Holiday Hangover Hassel (missing)
CTA Pat Thoma and Alden Wells
Papiez Jest Polski? (Is the Pope Polish?)(the year of the nested envelopes) Rich Carroll, John Prendergast, Larry and Mike O'Connor
Leap to Confusion (partly missing) Wayne Bell and Ralph Brooks
Post Offices (missing) Pete Matuszak
Colleges Andy and Stacy Kowalczyk (Stacy was Stacy Onofree at the time) Andy mentions, as an homage to Pete Matuszak, a cancelled stamp from 1/1/85 was available (as the O'Hare postal desk was open.)
(missing) Nevin Liber, et. al.
Who Knew There Would Be Posterity? (missing) Paul Brian and Rich Carroll
A Monumental Event
Be True to Your School Glenn and Barb Grossklags
Ci' Vediamo Dopo, Coccodrillo Paul Brian
Murphy's Golden Rule John Prendergast, Larry O'Connor and Mike O'Connor
Trust Me Paul Brian and Jim McNicholas
The Hog Butcher to the World Larry Claypool
Bridges (missing) John Prendergast
Right up Your Alley (missing) Glenn and Barb Grossklags
"Show Biz" or "Popcorn Palaces Revisited"
Hotels John Prendergast
It's The End of the World As We Know It, and We Feel Fine! (missing) Fred Egloff (we think)
Crime Scene Glenn and Barb Grossklags
ARKYTEKY Sherry and Fred Egloff
Terra Cotta (over Terra Firma) John Prendergast
Car Wash Dom Perino and Rich Carroll
25th Anniversary of the Blues Brothers Movie Jim Jurik, Matt Jurik, Zeke Dreznes, and Jack Dreznes
"Memoirs of a Bohemian Undertaker" or "Hot Dog" Paul Brian and Rich Carroll
Houses of Worship Rich Cwik, Cherrie Pacque, Bob and Sue Herzog
Honorary Mention Rich Carroll
Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign (missing) Larry Claypool
Hidden in the Heart of Chicago Kaiser George
"2011" (missing) Steve Givot
Short Streets (missing) John Prendergast
City of Big Readers (missing) Katy Prendergast, Michelle O'Connor, Suzy Smyth
Selfies and other Treasures Katy Prendergast, Michelle O'Connor, Suzy Smyth
Mike and Jennifer Phelan
Mike and Jennifer Phelan
Hindsight is 2020
Flagged! (for further review) Kevin Chope
Year Event Title Status of event Author